What you need to know about flexirods!
What you need to know about flexirods!
What you need to know about flexirods!

What you need to know about flexirods


So you've just got your #SABeauty bundles or wig installed and you're really feeling yourself. I mean Damnnnnn girl, you're killing it. The real question is "How do I keep this flawless/salon look?". Well, we got the T!! 
They're the They are the simplest way to add body and bounce without having to use heat on your hair and/orextensions. What we love most about them is that they come in all sizes! You can use the target to create a VERY loose body wave/curl or even the smallest to create a very TIGHT curl, similar to the look or a jerry curl or straw set. 
Here is how to install Flexi-rods 
Again, use them as desired! They're very easy to use... but here is a TIP I like you should know! When you're rolling you're hair and/or extensions dry, be sure to tuck the ends. This will prevent what us PROs like to call "fish hooks". 
Flexirods are our absolute FAV for bed time! Fast, Easy and way more EFFICIENT in produce a perfect head of hair versus the old school method of pin curling. When using the flexirod method and bed time be sure to roll the rod as much as possible so that it is easy to secure when bending in the ends.
Sherrell Alicia


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