Midweek Motivation
Midweek Motivation
Midweek Motivation

Have you tried GRATITUDE?


Gratitude- is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.


Recently, I've learned some new tricks. I'll share one with you today. For those who I've met personally, you all know I practice "mindfulness". Meaning, everyday I practice being present in the current moment. For years I felt more connected and yet OH SO FREE! However, even in my daily practice I forget to show gratitude to the smallest things. Today I want to encourage you to be PRESENT and start by showing YOURSELF some gratitude. For one, LOOK AT YOU, all you've done and become. THANK YOU! Thank you for sharing yourself with others, and even though everyday isn't a good day, we have these days to share with each other.


Now that you've done that, take a look around wherever you are... find something that you use or feel you NEED on a daily bases. What do you see? Your pen, your favorite shirt, that sun shade that keeps those leather seats cool? Take some time to think of all those hearts and minds that have gone into the things you use on a daily and say THANK YOU.


Every single thing that we use is the direct reflection of a thought, idea or vision given to a network or people.






Sherrell Alicia


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