Mid-week Motivation
Mid-week Motivation
Mid-week Motivation

What are you afraid of?

The fear... is it yours? Do you accept ownership? Or is it the fear of someone you love? Crazy thing is that most of the time something devestating has to happen to us for us to even THINK about dreaming in a world that want you to be and do the bare minimum. That’s what’s accepting. The hardest part is finding others that you connect with on a personal level when it comes to visions for the future etc. The most important rule I carry around with me daily is this... STOP ASKING BLIND PEOPLE TO PROOF READ YOUR VISION. 

They CANT see!!

Protect your mind from the fears of others. Whoever said you can’t have everything you want LIED! The truth is YOU MUST BELIEVE ITS YOURS WITHOUT EVEN A SHADOW OF DOUBT!

it will be yours!

Sherrell Alicia 


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